Justin Bieber...

United States
July 7, 2011 12:34pm CST
I see his name everywhere and had to ask... What do you think about him and his music? Why do you think so many people have bad things to say about him?
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• Leesburg, Georgia
7 Jul 11
I think he has a real talent and he is good looking so the younger girls love him as well. People do talk bad about anyone these days. You can be the best person alive and someone will find something wrong with you and talk about it forever! It's just the way people are unfortunately. =( He seems to be a good kid. I don't understand what their problem is really.
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• Morocco
13 Jul 11
For me i'm fan of justin bieber and i'm proud of it, he is great, he is funny, he helps people, he has a beautiful voice. I love his songs.
• China
24 Aug 11
• Philippines
7 Jul 11
I don't know sh!t about this kid. Maybe he's a rising young talent that's why people try to bring him down. Although he has a lot of fans out there too so I don't think these people are much of a nuisance to him.