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United States
July 8, 2011 7:41am CST
Should the government provide health care?
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• United States
8 Jul 11
I'm in favor of a government health plan run as a cheap alternative to private plans and even the possibility of extending the Veteran's Hospital program to more hospitals that would also care for children near and below the poverty level. Under no circumstances do I believe in letting the government take over hospitals or insurance companies.
@anklesmash (1414)
8 Jul 11
Yes i think any country that can afford to provide health care for its most vulnerable citizens it should do.I live in the UK and we have the NHS i know its not perfect but i know that i suffer a serious accident or from a serious illness i will get the treatment i need and the poorest who can't afford medical insurance wont have to struggle to pay or go without treatment.And i hate the right wingers in America who describe it as socialism i am in no way socialist i am a fairly right wing conservative but i beleive the powerful should care for the weak and that is why i support healthcare.
@gelay07 (589)
• Philippines
8 Jul 11
I dont think our govt can afford to have health care since we are in the 3rd world country called Phils. i have disabilities and suffered so much from it and never receive anything from the govt. I rely on my mom in terms of medical expenses and even food and shelter, i am jobless and i get monthly allowance from my sister who lives abroad. I just hope I could win in the lottery so i could be able to support myself.
@maximax8 (30579)
• United Kingdom
8 Jul 11
When I was in New Zealand on a trip when I was 29 years old I heard its people have free heath care until they are 7 years old. Then they have to pay their medical bills themselves. In Australia I had a working holiday visa when I was 20 to 21 years old. I got Medicare for free whilst there. In my home country, the United Kingdom, the government provides free health care. It is called The National Health Scheme. It covers medical treatment with doctors and at hospitals. A pregnant lady has midwife appointments and can choose to have a home birth supported by midwives, have the birth at a midwife led unit or a consultant led unit in hospital free. There are special care baby units for poorly babies like my disabled son. My son is now 4 years old and if there wasn't free health care I wouldn't be able to afford to take him for all the many medical appointments he needs. He had a back operation the day he was born, a head operation when he was two weeks old and lately a hip operation plus a leg operation which also included his feet. I think that if a government can afford it they should provide a free health care. Working people pay Income Tax and National Insurance.