Simply DIsgraceful

@tessah (6617)
United States
July 12, 2011 7:51am CST
i dont undestand how these people can possibly justify their actions as being righteous.. or any where near "godly" hate mongering evil people hiding behind religious freedom. its disrespectful dishonorable and i never thought id say it.. but downright sinful. do you think the supreme court was correct in their decisions to allow this so-called church the ability to cause more pain and grief to already grieving people?
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@Pose123 (21635)
• Canada
12 Jul 11
Hi tessah, The Westboro Baptist church is anything but Christian. I find it hard to believe that they would be allowed to do this, however that is the way we define freedom and it probably won't do a lot of harm. Sadly the media will likely give them a lot of coverage and that is what they crave. Their version of Christianity is to spread hatred not love as Christ taught. I have great respect for the former first lady, and she will be fondly remembered when this church is long forgotten. Blessings.
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12 Jul 11
They've done the same thing loads of times before. It's just some nutcase and his extended family, nothing more. It's absolutely right to allow them to do it. The Supreme Court has to uphold the right to free speech. Of course, the best way to counteract it is to stand next to them with bigger boards with things like "Religious extremists are scum", "Thank God those so-called Baptists are going to burn in hell forever" and so on. Or just ignore them.
12 Jul 11
And that should say "for ever". Can't believe I made that mistake.
@xfahctor (14118)
• Lancaster, New Hampshire
12 Jul 11 RickRoll-em....
@Latrivia (2878)
• United States
14 Jul 11
Yeah, free speech isn't really free speech if you zone it off or exclude a group because you don't like them. As a society we're better off ignoring them. They'll eventually die off - assuming Shirley Phelps and her kin don't keep having babies out-of-wedlock with prison inmates.
13 Jul 11
I think that when groups like them do this sort of thing people quickly realize just what sort of nut cases they really are. I know it is upsetting for the friends and relatives of Mrs Ford but any demonstration of this sort is going to upset somebody and you can't really restrict the freedom to demonstrate for this reason
• India
2 Jun 12
Yes, these things are happening more nd more, cetainly disgraceful.
@Dominique25 (9464)
• United States
12 Jul 11
Hateful people who hide behind religion is certainly disgraceful. Things like this is one of the reasons so many people hate religion, and hate God because hypocritical people are claiming to represent him.
@munhozmib (3837)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
12 Jul 11
Hello, tessah. Unfortunately, evil will always be present in this world. I don't know if that is so unfortunate. I mean, there must be the bad side so the good side can always show up and torch our hearts with hope. However, it didn't need to be so extreme, like in this case. I cannot state an opinion about it, I can't tell wether the supreme court was correct or not. But I can hope that peace starts flowing through them. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@kenzie45230 (3560)
• United States
12 Jul 11
I think this is horrible, but that's what freedom is all about. I'm sure that their reason for wanting to do this is that they figure since this is going to be a big event, they'll get even more news coverage. Our news media needs to start ignorning them. (But that won't happen.)