Cooking is stress reliever

July 13, 2011 12:59am CST
Hi mylotters, I learn how to cook when I started to live independently back in college. And when I started to work I learn to cook different dishes and bring it to the office and let my office to try it. And I felt happy happy when I receive compliments on my cooking skills. From then on when I am so stress I just cook anything or just experiment and when I am satisfied with my cooking I feel relieved .. I feel happy .. It's some how cooking it's may sponge that absorb those stressful days that I have in the office. Does cooking also your stress reliever?..
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@sup3rdud3 (231)
• Indonesia
13 Jul 11
I wish I was a good cook so that I can save some money and cook my own food. Unfortunately I'm a terrible cook. I just don't have the patience to prepare fancy food. So probably cooking will increase my stress level as opposed to relieve it. I either just cook simple food (instant food)or buy them cooked. If your cooking is good why don't you try and sell the food that you cook to some of your office mates? You will make a little extra money in the process of relieving your stress. Who knows it might even get you started in a new business so you can quit your stressful job and do things that you enjoy for a living.
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• Philippines
13 Jul 11
Thanks ! Actually I already taught about it but there is a company policy that prohibits selling of any goods in the office. Be patient try and try until you succeed just like I did. :)
• United States
15 Jul 11
Cooking is not a stress reliever for me. It's usually associated with stress, of not having money to buy ingredients for things I want to make and figuring out what the kids will or won't eat as some days they are picky and I can't afford waste.
@eshaan (6188)
• India
13 Jul 11
Well i enjoy cooking most of the times but sometimes it is like it would be better if you didnt have to cook today if you were tired.... rest its nice and is good
@obe212003 (2299)
• Philippines
14 Jul 11
i have seven sons, and just imagine how much stress my wife and i endure everyday, lol! i learned to cook basically through recipes available, i.e. books, tv programs and net. much to my surprise, i really feel relieved and stress-free when i cook my kids' favorite food, and much more, being appreciated and complimented by them is a nice feeling!
• United States
13 Jul 11
This is a great topic you bring up. I love cooking. I just haven't cooked real food in a while because I've been living with my dad. My mom was the one who started teaching me how to cook when I was going on 16. It's been going on three years now and when I lived with my mom, I was getting better and better as time went by. Now, I haven't been around my mom and been living with my dad and I eat what I can. I seriously miss the days when I would cook on the stove when my mom would sometimes help. She's the one who taught me how to fry chicken.
@bouncybug (614)
• South Africa
13 Jul 11
I definitely find that cooking helps to relieve stress! I find cooking to be fun and creative, plus its the most rewarding feeling ever once you've finished with your meal - its great to be able to eat fantastic food, and its so so much cheaper than eating out!
@calajane (1003)
• Poland
13 Jul 11
For me, it's not the cooking that is a stress reliever, it's the eating . I don't like standing over the cooking stove so I try to cook stuff that basically cooks itself while I do something else and come into the kitchen every once in a while to stir something. But if it works for you than good! We should use every way we have to live a less stressed out life.
@moneywinner (1864)
• Brazil
13 Jul 11
Well, I love to cook! So, for me, cook is pretty much a hobby! I learned to cook a few years ago and now I watch a lot of culinary TV shows and I always try to do the recipes. The only thing that I don't like is to wash the dishes after the meal.