What do you think about Team Fortress 2 being free-to-play?

July 13, 2011 8:11pm CST
Well, I started playing as soon as it became free-to-play. I believe that this was a.very positive response, since I believe that everyone should be able to enjoy this great game. I know how the people who paid for the game feel. Well, tell me how you feel about the free-to-play announcement, free player or owner.
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@Dymo75 (340)
• New Zealand
6 Aug 11
Well, being one of the free players, I'm very happy about that. But I feel sorry for the people who paid for the game, like, maybe a month ago. I don't think VALVe is going to keep 'em happy just by giving them a hat!
• United States
8 Aug 11
I support TF2 going f2p and being made available to more people. However, I do disagree with the mann co store and the micro transaction idea. Paying real money for virtual items is terrible, but at least its not going to be paid items = easy win.
@LenardW (10)
• United States
19 Jun 12
There are certainly pros and cons. I paid $50 for the orange box because that's how much it was when it came out and then my reward for buying it vs people playing it for free being a silly little hat I'll never wear well... that's not cool. I definitely think they could have done a little more for the players that had paid. As far as the f2p aspect, I love f2p in general as it gives me a chance to try the game before I can buy it. In the case of TF2 it is nice to have more servers and community now. On the negative side a lot of the community now seems to be filled with really immature people who are more interested in trying to be annoying in the voice chat, are griefing, etc. In one payload game there was an engineer who on offense, had a teleporter that would actually teleport the team back to the beginning of the map so that was really unhelpful. There were people like that of course on the game when it was paid, but it just didn't seem as prevalent. I'd be really interested to see the the income levels from when TF2 was pay product vs F2P because I'd bet it is making A LOT more money now, especially with the store in general. It is an interesting case study too if you ever decide to make your own games, like me ;D
• India
29 Aug 11
OMG Goodness !! A TF2 Interest here !! WOW I never Knew THIS !!!! Well about your discussion. Well i am a paid user of tf2. I had purchased the game one year and a half back. Here the game was kinda booring becasue of less crowd since the game was too much overpriced at 25$. But then the trading system opened last year in June and then the Halloween Update and then all the class updates with zillion new weapons came. Then Valve decided they still want more players to play the game. Then they did the most smarted thing. The made the game a F2P. So all the users can play.If they like it, all they have to do is purchase one item from the Shop and the game is opened up fully for you. Well you can judge Valve for this, Becasue even they need money to host the game :\ and keep their team working for the game. Since me being a paid users, Well at starting i never really liked the idea. But then since i saw a lot of people in the severs, then i was like. LETS KILL SOME BABIESSS !!! Lol (THE TF2 HEAVY LANGUAGE). Lol All in ALL a Smart move by valve
@JayPea (9)
• Taiwan
27 Aug 11
I am a paid player, and when I found out that TF2 was now free to play at first I was dissapointed because I only recently bought it, but I found out that you have a limited backpack space, and at the speed you fill up your backpack I think it was worth it to buy the game.
• United States
12 Jan 12
On one hand, I support it because of the fact that I was a F2P-er as well. I had played the game on the Orange Box on Xbox 360, and hadn't known it existed on the PC until about a year ago. I was glad to get it, but I do feel like the paid users got ripped off a little. I know how I would feel if I had spent twenty dollars on a game, only to have it go free the next year. I support them, though. I buy stuff from the store to keep them going, because they do such a good job with the game. Plus, the weapons are pretty cool.