September 3, 2006 12:04am CST
I've always thought marijuana is something for jeeks, but I've been proved I was wrong, and it's not used only among young people, but also older ones, so I wanna know: what's the deal? How does it feel like? Why is it so addicting that even if you're a serious person and all, you try to have one everyday?
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@skittlez353 (1404)
• United States
27 Sep 06
i dont think theres anything wrong with weed. just dont drive high! it should be legal
• United States
5 Sep 06
I'v smoked most of my life (frome 11yr on) i'm now 43 and have just taken a break from it I myself don't find it addicting! I like it better than drinking ,I can take it or leave it it don't bother me one way ot the other! Up hear in Alaska it leagal! have you ever had a drink or two? it's kinda like that but not! if you know what I mean!
• United States
3 Sep 06
It is so addictive, because it is tampered with. It is not natural like the old weed. Get your weed from Jamaica before it is packaged and handled you will see. This mess their spreading is laced with all kinds of junk. Kids are getting hooled on it as their followers. Many parents are so not doing there jobs. Not to say it is there faults. I just see so much parental slackness. No supervision for the kids,crowds of friends just hanging out. etc.