what are you always dreaming?

July 16, 2011 7:18am CST
dreaming is nice because it takes you to a world where you always the main character. dreaming takes you out to the reality. some people dream at night and some are in the day thats why its called daydreaming. what are you dreaming at night or day?
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• United States
17 Jul 11
I think daydreaming is completely different from nighttime dreaming! For one, everything is under your total control in a daydream. For two, daydreams are all just your imagination in your head. Real dreams are like imagination on steroids. In a daydream you can't really feel the ocean breeze or taste dust in the air... but in a nighttime dream it's possible. And shockingly enough... I'm not always the main character in my dreams! lol I've heard people say that it's not possible to have a dream that you're not in... but I completely disagree. I've had dreams where I've been watching characters and events unfold outside myself, like it's the live theater or something... but I play no part whatsoever cause I'm not really there. I only observe. I have dreams all across the board. Some have intricate plots that resemble the fantasy novels that I read... some are just mundane details of life like working or cleaning something in the house. There's dreams about stuff that's on my mind, and stuff I haven't had an inkling of a thought of in years. Mixed baggie, all the time. I never know what to expect when I sleep at night.
@resutaa (144)
• Philippines
17 Jul 11
Last night, I just got a strange dream. I was in a house which I dont know from who was it and its a new for me, the funny thing is that their were people who I knew but not close to me and we are watching tv , they were in one sofa while i'm on the other one alone and then suddenly we are playing something like catching and throwing ball then I wake up weird.
@thatgirl13 (7294)
• South Korea
16 Jul 11
I get weird dreams these days. Today I saw a dream of a strange looking piano and I somehow knew how to play it . I don't know and have never learned playing a piano in my life. Anyway about the daydreaming, I am always dreaming of the day I'll hold a job that I like and build a successful career and earn a lot of money. And with that money build a dream house of my own. Sigh if only dreams came true
@devinim (79)
• India
16 Jul 11
hi friend, the dreams that we see at night completely depends on the things you saw or think that day. it is the way your brain do to complete and store the broken images or thoughts in your memory. day dreaming could be as we like. i too dream in daytimes. sometimes it will be of past memories with my friends, ie, enjoyable moments in the past, or of a better future, about my ambition, etc.
@Jamie911 (104)
• Philippines
16 Jul 11
i always dream about things i wish to happen like finding a precious item i lost which in reality i will never see again