Is it worth going on Hub pages and writing on their?

@Lxandra79 (1536)
United States
July 17, 2011 6:42pm CST
I was just on there to update my profile, and I was wondering if I should start being active like I was 4 years ago (yes 4 years ago) thats when I started to be on hubpages. Is it worth it? Do you get paid alot with the google adsense, or just not that much?
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@1hopefulman (45837)
• Canada
2 Aug 11
I was wondering about HubPages myself. I've been a member for sometime but have not yet written anything there.
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@oindy54 (3446)
• India
11 Sep 11
I am writing on Factoidz.I have never tried Hubpages but Factoidz gave me an activity bonus of 10 cents for writing my first article.Apart from that they pay well for product reviews,product comparisons etc.They will pay also for your articles the more search result hits it gets.
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@1hopefulman (45837)
• Canada
13 Sep 11
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• Singapore
16 Oct 11
Dear 1hopefulman, How have you been doing? I feel that it's about time I spend more time on Hubpages than on Triond. It's just that Triond is so easy to publish that I keep going back there, again and again. But I do feel that Hubpages is equally good. But I would need to write a little more serious article, which means more research time needed. For Triond, I write almost without thinking. It could be everyday occurrences which strike me as interesting and I write from the first person perspective. Hubpages has been rather strict and would not allow re-publishing of content. So I need to write original articles there. I really must get out of my comfort zone and plunge into Hubpages and Squidoo to expand and earn more. I have 22 hubs and earned 40 cents last month. Even though it does seem that I am earning more from Triond, I feel that Hubpages do have a lot of potentials.
• United States
18 Jul 11
You have to have a topic that is highly searchable but still fairly unique as to not get buried in all the other search results. Once you find that topic and market it until you feel like you can't do it anymore, then you will make money with Hubpages. But don't let that turn you off to starting one. It can still be good for pocket change. Bus fare or a guilt free trip to the movies once a month, maybe.