Octomom: woman with 14 babies now doesn't like her babies?

July 19, 2011 4:17am CST
Isn't it true that she could have been annoyed by all those musical chair sounds. In reality it is very difficult to manage them. Nadya Suleman is no exception. Isn't it?
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• Netherlands
19 Jul 11
Does not like her babies? They are her own flesh and blood. What I hear here in the media and I know that it is not always true, she got the babies for a selfish reason. Which was said to be money. She should have realised these adorable little babies would once grow up and would cost a lot more money but also energy. Having a baby can put a strain on you let alone 8 babies at the same time. Babies just are really fragile and take up a lot of your time. They can be annoying but heej! you put them on this world, you just deal with it. In the most kind, gentle and loving way you can, is that not true?
• India
19 Jul 11
You are absolutely true dear. There's no way that some one brings x number of children only for the sake of money and then says all these stuff is really bad on them. For media's attention and money you can't do such things.