what do you do with a brother who's overprotected? grr..

@cathloe (184)
July 19, 2011 4:57am CST
Oh come on! i have 3 overprotected brothers..that's a bomber! here's what to do: try not to get mad: after all, it's his way of showing you he cares. if he exaggerates, explain to him that by now you're pretty good at taking care of yourself. kindly tell him that if he cares about you, he should also trust you a little more.remind him that everyone has a right to make mistakes. and if you do to make mistakes..you'll count on him for consolation! =) what do you think? n_n
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@SIMPLYD (90644)
• Philippines
19 Jul 11
Oh those are very correct things to do in dealing with overly protective brothers. But being the only girl, it's just but normal for them to be like that. Lucky you for having brothers who can protect you.
@EdnaReyes (2626)
• Philippines
19 Jul 11
Ok, you are on the right track,sweetie...these will make your brothers think and assess things out. If these won't work out,then give him same dose of his own medicines!