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July 20, 2011 5:08pm CST
As you all might know, you are entitled to re-publish your non-exclusives for Yahoo! Contributor Network/Associated Content (and Factoidz, for those of you who write there). What do you find would be some advantages and disadvantages of re-publishing your work? Obviously, in my opinion, one of the best things would be that you have the potential to earn extra money for basically doing nothing. On the other hand, some cons that go with that is that you may be taking views away from those other articles, so is it really worth it? I do choose to re-publish my articles. I only write online occasionally and find it fun. it's not incredibly lucrative for me, and I do have a day job. this is just a hobby for me. I have found a new site to re-publish on now that Bukisa has changed their payment policies. I no longer use them but have found a better site to re-publish on. If anyone's interested, please message me and I will give you more info. I am very curious as to everyone's opinions and experiments with regards to re-publishing their articles. Please feel free to elaborate here and discuss. Thanks!
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@peavey (16936)
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21 Jul 11
I think that if you have good content but it's somewhere where it isn't making much money, it would be wise to republish it wherever you could. I don't often republish but do have some things on Yahoo that was written for another site.
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20 Jul 11
I've always republished everything on revenue shares, on the principle that the more places it exists, the more places can earn. It affects search ranking negatively, though, so I don't do it for anything except rev share content.
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