What are the things you wish you could have known?

@catcai (1057)
July 21, 2011 12:22am CST
Suppose hypothetically, before we are born, we are given 3 things as a "heads up" in our life. 3 things that we will know how to handle when time comes, things that we don’t need to bruise over just to learn, lessons in life that we wish could've been taught to us before we hurt ourselves just to discover. However there is a catch, things that happened will still happen, the future won't be altered. If this is the case, what will your 3 matters/ things be? As for me it is: 1. How to fall in love without losing myself in the process. I would've liked it if I kept my original personality intact and not lose myself in the 5 yrs that I have been in that relationship 2. I would like to have known that I was pregnant earlier. I only found out that I was pregnant on the 7th month of my pregnancy!, Thank God my daughter came out OK , she was a little small but nonetheless in a good health condition. ( I was so depressed at that time I wasn't eating.) 3. I wish I could've known that my dad would pass away before I graduated college, at least I could've spent more quality time with him.
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