How to strictly implement my daily schedule?

July 22, 2011 2:09am CST
Some people including me are always apt to be lazy even though I know that I have a strict schedule to follow and something important to do. While I always try to find some excuses to delay my schedule at a maximum extent. I admit that I'm the kind of person who're always pursuing the life of "The First To Enjoy Comforts & The Last To Bear Hardships". The most key point is that I know it's quite unreasonable to have that kind of habit. I also know that it will influence my work efficiency and quality. Maybe there's certain problem with my passive attitude. Sometimes I compress three days' workload into one day to finish it. ^^ The result is obvious that finished work is not excellent, not that kind of perfect, and even occasionally with some stupid mistakes. In a word, I want to change this kind of life, and to form an active attitude to treat everything I have to face in the future. Do you have any good idea to share with me? Many thanks in advance. ^^
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@ravalarun (337)
• India
22 Jul 11
This kind of employees are always making big problems, if asigned work dependance on managment analisys. Daily shedule is only opition of excellent work. Nothing more to say for tommorrow.