I want to learn .......?

Saudi Arabia
July 25, 2011 10:41am CST
I want to learn programming language, what language i should start with which one is the easiest and most basic ?? and is there any online site or Program that can teach me? or is it better to go to a programming course??? which is the easiest language and which is the hardest ?? ThanQ for replying
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• Vietnam
25 Jul 11
You can learn html. It's the easiest language to learn and has many practice use for normal people. If you want to go pro, C++ and Java is your way to go. Check out: www.w3schools.com/
• Saudi Arabia
25 Jul 11
thanQ man but i tried HTML its not interesting i dont have the graphical vision so i cannot imagine what a page will look like so and i think ill consider learning java n c++ thanQ
26 Jul 11
you can run the file in a browser window when creating it (html/xhtml) just hit refresh after saving and you get what it would look like in that browser, For ease of use and seeing results quickly try xhtml/html5 and css they are fairly simple to pick up and you can have your own working website in a day, later on you can compile html, JavaScript and CSS into light apps if you fancy going that way, design templates for shops and websites and it gives you a solid foundation for learning other languages like C++ and a good income if you get good at it just by freelancing.
• Saudi Arabia
26 Jul 11
thanx man
@sais06 (1284)
• Philippines
27 Jul 11
Hi coolbull! First you must have a foundation in programming before you are able to learn more difficult languages. I suggest that you study first on the concepts of the programming language you are going to use. There are many sites in the internet that will help you. DreamInCode.com is one those sites that I have as there are lots of experts you can ask there. Or you can also enroll into a programming course, it just depends on your preference but I believe that it would be faster for you if there's someone who will coach you. Maybe you can start learning Visual Basic first as a beginner because I believe you'll be able to learn it even without much background. I suggested Visual Basic because it's the language that even a high school student can learn. Learning object-oriented programming concepts and procedural programming concepts will help you a lot in understanding programming well. Good luck!
• Saudi Arabia
28 Jul 11
thanx man ill consider visual basics
@suyalynx (55)
• Indonesia
26 Jul 11
for web programming, start with HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL Language. however if you want to build a software, start with Batch (MS-DOS) and VB. I find it hard to learn a programming language, even with Batch, I still need to take a peek on the cheatsheet