Am I going mad - or given myself a brain tumour?

@jazzsue58 (2666)
July 27, 2011 3:17pm CST
Hi - I'll try to be quick. A few weeks ago I collapsed with a seizure and got rushed to A & E. There, I was scanned and found to have a brain bleed. They gave it that generic term "stroke" and said it was caused by high blood pressure, so I ended up in a ward full of deaf and snoring old people (and ended up referred to the Stroke and Elderly outpatients; talk about ramming it home with a power hammer.) Roll on a few weeks, and I'm getting headaches still but otherwise not too bad. Saw the consultant who informed me the first MRI scan showed the cause of my bleed was an underlying "abnormality". It's a "mass lesion of the left parietal lobe, with a small area of haemorrhage within it. Also multiple bilateral small foci of haemorrhage." Having another enhanced scan in August. Thing is, the run up to this I had weird visual disturbances I put down to migraine. More to the point, I was writing for a cancer research company would you believe, and can't help feeling I "hexed" myself as a result. Okay, I probably didn't but here's the main reason for writing - I often would type a word (say, "right") but on rereading it had changed, to something like rightful or mighty. I thought it was my PC "correcting" my work, but I had no software installed to do that. I now think my brain was doing it by itself. There's more - I've been getting "ghost" emails that I can't account for. Just now I opened and read a myLot notification that said a reply I'd given to a discussion on movies had been deleted as the discussion it was under had been deleted. But it didn't say what the discussion was, or what I'd typed, which was odd as generally it does. myLot was also spelled slightly differently (capital M rather than lower case.)Also, there was no sign-in link. There's only one movie discussion I've taken part in and that was fairly innocuous, so I came here and the thread was still up. Went back to hotmail - and the mail wasn't there! Neither was it in the junk file, the only other place it could have gone! Seems my "mind is playing tricks" on me again. I now know that mail was never there - but my brain opened it just the same. Please - am I going mad???!!! And if I am, why did it have to be a ghost myLot deletion that first alerted me?
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@ravisivan (14089)
• India
27 Jul 11
deletion of responses and discussion is a regular happening in mylot. You are a little confused. take rest. I wish u recover from illness early.
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@jazzsue58 (2666)
27 Jul 11
My surname should be "confused dot com"! I'm questioning everything that's happening in my life right now ...
@bunnybon7 (51134)
• Holiday, Florida
28 Jul 11
oh you poor girl. i'll tell you though i would not go by the internet to tell if im mad or not crazy things happen here in blue air, that will surely make most wide awake mind feel strange. ive had strange things happen making me feel the same way. so dont go by that. go by what your doctor says. hugs, bon