@leasmom (101)
July 28, 2011 10:43am CST
How would you define veganism? In your opinion and experience, is it possible to balance nutrition while eating that way? Which difficulties regarding that do you now of?
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@matersfish (6306)
• United States
28 Jul 11
There are certainly various types of vegetarians. Vegans, I believe, shun all "meat" products, and this would also include eggs and dairy. To live this sort of lifestyle, you definitely need to know about nutrition to supplement your dieting. For instance, it's hard to get enough protein eating only fruits and veggies. You'd have to mix in some legumes. Healthy fats are also needed since animal fats are out (animal fats still contain some "healthier" types of fats). So olive oil, avocados and nuts would provide fat. Then there's the B12 issue. That's mostly found in meats. Having a B12 deficiency is serious business. Most vegans would do well to take a multivitamin. Any type of "specialized" diet requires a little more maintenance. Ironically, people eating a Big Mac and fries and a parfait from McDonald's are eating a more balanced diet than someone on a vegan diet, a low-GI diet, etc. They're getting all the food groups. (But because we see some fat kids running around, we panic. But that's another topic entirely.) They're getting carbs, protein, fats, sugars, and plenty of essential vitamins and minerals. It's tough to live on a specialized diet. Most diets end up failing because people always take the wrong approach - they eliminate instead of moderate. Variety, portion control and exercise is all you need for a healthy lifestyle. Vegans usually go that route for a ideological stance more than for a healthy stance.
@maximax8 (31069)
• United Kingdom
28 Jul 11
I have a 100% vegan diet. Every day I take Iron pills, a Vitamin B12 tablet, an omega pill and a vegan all it in vitamin pill. I keeps my diet healthy and I stay well most of the time. It is easy to balance nutrition whilst eating a vegan diet. Every year I go to a veggie event which is vegan. They said in a talk from a professional that a vegan diet is healthy if the person gets enough Iron and Vitamin B12. I am staying that a diet that includes fruit and vegetables is healthy. I drink soya drink. I like to get nuts and seeds. I look at ingredients in supermarket products, am happier shopping in health food shops and don't like to eat out due to not knowing what is in the meal.