How would you handle the situation when your sister does not do well in her exam

July 28, 2011 11:42am CST
Hi all, I have a beautiful sis of mine and recently i had faced a similar situation with her.Its not that she does not do well in the exams but somehow got less marks.Finally when results were out,she approached me to break the news at home.So it was a bit tough time to convince my parents regarding her studies and her well being.Later on i gave some councelling to her.I was just wondering sometimes that its really tough managing teenagers and the oldies at the same time.
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• Pakistan
1 Aug 11
I think I have to handle my parents rather sister as they become angry when my sister shows bad result. I will encourage my sister to work hard and do well next time. It is past now what happened but future is in your hands to make it better. Of course failures bring success.
• France
29 Jul 11
Well, I absolutely agree with you, it would be a tough task to handle these kind of scenarios. If I were in your place, will first speak with my sister and console her saying not to worry and we have a lot of faith on you and will perform well in the upcoming tests. Next, will talk with my parents saying that we have never experienced this situation with her with respect to her education. Things will change from time to time and nobody would guarantee that they would maintain the same aggregate all through their education. Then educate them saying that she has to put a little concentration and do not trouble her by asking her to do the house work. The thing here is that, we should deal this in such a way that you should be showing confidence in her and she should not be afraid to come up and tell her worries if at all there are any. Secondly, your parents should not be frightened if the score was little down, just educate them that this is a professional course and at times this happens. I am sure both, your sister and your parents will be convinced and everything will be in place soon.