New floor

@leasmom (101)
July 28, 2011 5:43pm CST
I a thinking about a new floor in our flat. However I'm at a loss when it comes to what is best. Wooden floor? Or is it better to use a carpet? What are your opinions on that? Thanks in advance!
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@maximax8 (31069)
• United Kingdom
29 Jul 11
When I moved to my modern house I got a hard to feel laminate floor in my lounge, kitchen, hall and bedrooms. I have a soft lino in my shower room and bathroom. I found the hard laminate looked nice with its light wood like pattern. I didn't find the laminate wore well in my lounge and it didn't do well with wet spillages. I don't like to have carpets due to having dogs. When it rains they come home with wet and dirty feet. Earlier this year I moved to my bungalow after selling my modern house. My bedroom and my daughter's bedroom had pink carpet in which we kept. I found a blue carpet the right size for my disabled son's bedroom. I got soft lino put in my lounge and two halls. It looks like wood but it perfect with wet spillages. High heels would rip it though. I got a hard laminate put in my kitchen. It is white and it is hard to keep it looking clean. I like the soft lino that looks like wood but it was expensive at £20 a square meter. With less money I like hard laminate. I am not all that keen on carpet. I like a floor that is easy to clean and carpets can get stained easily. I just wash over my soft lino floor and this then looks lovely. Good luck choosing.
@carolbee (16230)
• United States
29 Jul 11
I really love the appearance of hardwood but think carpeting is easier to keep clean. Our entire house is carpeted including one of the bathrooms. My plan is to carpet the other two bathrooms before the weather turns cold. Feels great on the feet when waking in the middle of the night to use the facility.
@greenline (14839)
• Canada
29 Jul 11
Except in the kitchen, all other rooms in my house are carpetted. As green is my favorite color, the carpet is also of light green, very nice, beautiful, and refreshing. Yes, of course, different people will have different preferences in decorating the house.
@kelly10 (678)
28 Jul 11
In our house we have wooden floor in the living room and laminate flooring in all other rooms. The only place where there is carpet is the stairs and landing. Personally I find wooden and laminate flooring better then carpet as we have a dog and it means that it is easier to clean up. To add colour and warmth all you need is to put a rug down and as they are now quite cheap you can buy a few so that you can change the look of a room to match the seasons.
• Philippines
29 Jul 11
I'd suggest you make concrete. Having a wooden 2nd floor would just be a bother. I was hanging out at a friend's pad and the floor above is wooden. You can hear the footsteps above. He even said he couldn't sleep at night because of those.
@asyria51 (2861)
• United States
28 Jul 11
I have a mix of hardwood and carpet in my house, and i honestly prefer the hardwood. and then use accent rugs for the winter. My hardwood floors are easy to clean, i swiffer every few days and use orange glo twice a month and they stay in good shape, even with a dog and child. My carpeted areas are really starting to show the wear and tear of having the dog and child in the house. they are stained and are starting to smell a bit. We are going to have to pay 50 or so bucks to have someone come in and clean the carpets, or rent a machine for about the same amount of money and have them cleaned.