Not sure if I like postloop

United States
July 29, 2011 9:40am CST
So I joined postloop and so far I subscribed to one forum. It's an ok one to post for but alot of the forums I want to post for are locked. I'm just not sure if I'm going to continue with this venture. I don't like the way the website is set up. There are points you have to get and stuff based on your ratings. It's all just a little to much to deal with. What if I'm a good poster but someone decides to rate me poorly for no reason. And you can't cash out until you have an average rating. I have another forum posting gig that I love. I know exactly how it works. I have so many posts to do in a certain time. All the rules are laid out perfectly. I pick the jobs I want and no worries of "ratings" The gig has administrators that check up on us and give warnings if we break rules. It's just such a great gig! I can organize everything so easy. So any tips for postloop? Anyone like it? Should I just forget about it since I can't understand the layout?
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@chiwasaki (4694)
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
I was excited at first when I got approved by Postloop. However I'm having issue with the topics or forums where I can join. Those that suits my interest are either locked or in negative status. I tried to subscribe to one however there are few people who are using that forum, no interaction at all.
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• United States
31 Jul 11
Why are they locked? Do you know? I will admit I got bored so figured what thee hey I'll go see what postloops up to. I was scrolling for a new forum and most of the ones I thought I'd do really good on was locked too! Then alot are in the negatives. I wouldn't get paid if I went to those, would I? I belong to a health board and one general one. The general one is pretty dumb. Most of the posts are " what is your favorite color?" questions. I'm like come on! Don't be lazy posters! Guess I'm going to have to spice it up a little!
• Indonesia
13 Oct 12
Hi friends. I have tried make some post in post loop. But I disapprove, because my grammar is poor. Do you have alternative site like postloop?.
@Beaufly (991)
• United States
29 Jul 11
Ok, I am a member of postloop but haven't been over there in awhile. The forum owners (from my experience) usually rate you well if you post quality posts. I have never had a problem with that so my points always added up nicely and I was able to cash out with no problems. I was never worried about the average rating because I always surpassed it. With your concerns, I will make sure to take another look over there, just can't add a new forum just yet.
@crossbones27 (48273)
• Mojave, California
29 Jul 11
I liked it in theory. Then they sent me an email saying that "my postings looked unnatural." First of all they don't even know me so how are they going to say my posts look unnatural after 10 posts. Then there were other people who posted after my post criticizing me, because my posts were to long. I thought the point of that site was to generate content for their forums. Anyway it seems kind of hypocritical to me. By the way this posting isn't to long is it? Oh sorry I forgot I am on Mylot.
• United States
25 Aug 11
I'm a member of postloop, and I like it. I have never run into a locked forum. I know that if the forum has negative points then you can't post on it, but the points normally go up sometime during the day. I have never had a forum owner give me a bad rating, actually I've found that they are pretty generous in their ratings.