@leasmom (101)
July 29, 2011 1:02pm CST
If giving money to a good cause, what would you consider most important? I mean, would you give money to organizations that help people in your country, in the rest of the world, for animals,... more than one. The reason I am asking is that a collegue recently condemned me for giving money to an organization that helps animals, saying that first people have to be helped. Of course they need to be helped as well, but of the rest I am ot so sure. What do you think?
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@Rick1950 (1578)
• Lima, Peru
29 Jul 11
I would prefer to give money to help people. There are many people starving on the world. Different organizations are taking care and helping this people and if we can help would be a great work.
@petersum (4522)
• United States
29 Jul 11
My first concern is that the charity staff are intelligent enough to understand what they are doing. Sending milk powder to a flooded Bangladesh is a good example of folly. First of all, it is mostly dropped in the sea and only feeds the fish. Secondly, when the whole area has been flooded with sea water, where is the fresh, clean, drinkable water needed to make up the milk? If you study how the major charities deliver aid, you wouldn't give them a cent! Animals need our help too. I am not opposed to that but once again, it has to be done professionally.