Butter and margarine

@leasmom (101)
July 29, 2011 1:13pm CST
Ok, this might be a dumb question but here goes: Margarine is said to be good because of the plant origin, bad because of the hardenend fats. Butter is said to be good because of the rather natural origin, bad because of the animal fats. What is really preferable, not considering taste but only health reasons?
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@francesca5 (1344)
29 Jul 11
i don't actually use either, i used to buy butter, and use a little bit, but it would go rancid so quickly i just don't bother now. after a while you don't even notice its not there. i would, however, favour butter over margarine, on health grounds, because of the trans fats in margarine.
@_sketch_ (5742)
• United States
29 Jul 11
Butter seems to be more healthy to me. When I eat margarine, I feel like I'm just eating a big slob of melted plastic or something. I don't know. Margarine makes my body feel all bleh somehow. When I eat butter I don't get this feeling. I go with what my gut tells me. I choose butter.