Sun? Will the provider of light and life bring us eternal darkness in the end?

July 30, 2011 1:31am CST
Upon browsing different channels on t.v. I came to watch National Geographic where it is determined that the sun that provides us light, heat, and life may soon put to an end and deliver us into total darkness. It was researched and said that the sun may emit strong surges of heat that may reach Earth and bring us harm and eternal darkness as it may end everything we have accomplished and even life itself. The rest is yet to come, only time will tell.
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@pbbbsra (1214)
• Philippines
30 Jul 11
in scientific terms, I agree... Our sun is a star and like all other stars, it also have its own life span. All start end its life by exploding... and if our own sun will also reach to that point, the earth can be put to nothing because of our close distance to the sun. Even simpler... The sun's heat is very harmful but we have an atmosphere and ozone layer protecting us. But we all know that for the past years, our ozone layer has a great damage and the earth's atmosphere is already trapping all the carbon dioxide and sun's heat inside, this makes the earth become hotter every year. I fear that if this continue, the ice in the polar areas of the earth will melt and this will make sea levels rise... you see.. there are so many factors, the sun giving us external darkness is a risk... but first we have to deal with the risks we have within the earth...
30 Jul 11
I do admit, I don't have much idea on this matter. However, As once a kid, I really admire the stars and my wonders and dreams of space travels seem to occur from time to time. As a kid, I always wanted to be an astronaut and explore the wonders of space. For now, I am keeping an eye on whatever the latest and information I can harvest on the net, on t.v., and any other reliable sources.
@mantis36 (4219)
• Philippines
9 Oct 11
first, it all started with darkness.... then, let there be light.... then there was light.... then in the end... an eternal darkness... don't us worry, for beyond darkness, different lights will soon comes.....
@salonga (27778)
• Philippines
8 Oct 11
Well it is expected that this world will soon come into its end and on that day the sun will be nothing but darkness. So even if the national geographic did not determine that the sun may put to an end, it has been prophesied in the Bible. We just don't know when will the exact time will be, only God knows.
@lynde302 (11)
30 Jul 11
I think I have watch that episode where in a very strong light rays of the sun or an explosion within that will give us a strong surge of heat in which can harm us in the future.But yet still so far because it takes thousands of years for that kind of heat from the sun to travel on earth. I guess we cant witness that anymore if it will happen. But then only God knows everything what we have is theory.