Do people really earn through Affiliate Marketing?

July 30, 2011 1:37pm CST
I have seen so many sites saying earn in dollars quickly through affiliate marketing. As of as I'm concerned nothing has worked for me. I also happen to burn my hands in one of the scams.. Does Affiliate Marketing really work? Do people earn atleast their pocket money here? If so plaese do share your experiences
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@puccagirl (7294)
• Israel
30 Jul 11
It does, but it is pretty hard to get into and you need to be really patient. It took me a really really long time before I earned nice big amounts from it. And you don't really need to pay anyone to learn about it, since there are plenty of good free guides out there as well. So I am sorry to say it is NOT a way to earn money quickly but if you do it right you can earn from it for a long time indeed. But it is not for everyone since it requires a lot of patience and work initially. It works really well for me though!
• India
31 Jul 11
Can you please tell more - what is your blog/site about? Did you do the AM only through the niche or did you move away from it as well - I don't think that might help, but just asking to get things cleared. Please tell us which affiliates you used? Were they more than one? Just tell whatever you can remaining in the boundaries.
@abhi_bangal (3686)
• India
31 Jul 11
I have heard that people making loads of money through affiliate marketing. It is not only a question of pocket money, but there are huge sums of money to the extent that web sites can afford to pay their employees through the earnings they get from affiliate marketing only. I guess there is a lot of potential there, unless anything goes wrong. In my case (and seems in your case too), most of the things are going wrong. There are problems right from the start. If we go for legit sites, I don't think there might be any scams. I have not heard something like an affiliate scam as far as these things are concerned. Or if they did indeed happen, I might be ignorant about it.