Rainstorm and riding horses

United States
July 30, 2011 10:47pm CST
So I just stepped outside to smoke. I'm on my balcony and I hear someone in my driveway. I peer down and I see two people walking on the road and it looks like their carrying something. As thy pass closer a car passes and I can see them better. It was actually two guys riding horses in the rain? What the crap? Ha ha! Who rides horses this late at night in a rainstorm? I wonder if they were drunk? What's the weirdest thing you have seen late at night? I'm hoping you mylotters have some funny stories to share!
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@bunnybon7 (50973)
• Holiday, Florida
31 Aug 11
geesh. maybe they had to get somewhere and had no other transport? i once saw deer jumping a fence when i went out to smoke in the country where i was living way back.
• United States
1 Sep 11
I have not seen any deer in a while, unless I go to the park. I see tons of deer there! I think those guys had probably been drinking. I don't know why I was so surprised. I live in Alabama, home of rednecks! Lol
@catof1 (683)
• United States
31 Jul 11
The weirdest thing was this. I was driving home with my boyfriend from adoration late at night, lets say just after 12 or so. We are driving and not too fast and all of a sudden I see a big black cow that was in the middle of the road. It was planted there and was not going to move. My boyfriend swerved to miss it and went in the grass and ditch. Man we could have been squashed by a cow!