Where / How do you learn to know spiritually gifted people?

July 31, 2011 10:26am CST
Magic exists, that is clear, but one can also be a student? Can I have a couple of times was told that I am spiritually receptive than others, but I would like to show how I get to practice and expand its capabilities.
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@nakula2009 (2325)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 11
Christian spirituality is best learned in Benedictine monasteries or Protestant communities know. Everything else may be true today, "spirituality" is mentioned, but superstition, bluff or esoteric.
@gengeni (3308)
• Indonesia
2 Aug 11
Look around ... visit courses (meditation, dowsing, tarot card readings, Reiki, animal language, whatever interests you), go to family constellations, to yoga, because you can make good contacts. .. and when the time is ripe, you always run the right people on the road. This will blend everything - have faith
• Indonesia
1 Aug 11
Maybe you'd better say esoteric. The word magic is a little corny and is found in Harry Potter films. Since I am very interested in these things even I'm from and into an angel store. The owner is very well trained and there are lessons in everything that has to do with esotericism. Just try to ask her what you have for ways to expand your skills. The lady is really serious and worth their money.
@nowment (1758)
• United States
31 Jul 11
How you might expand this would depend on what you mean by spiritually gifted as this term can be used in different ways by different people. For those who consider themselves spiritual rather than religious this term could refer to the ideas of their spiritual values and how they may view the "god, goddess, creator" concept. As for how to grow in your own ideals or being open to various views of spirituality one way to begin would be to try using a search engine with the key words to what forms of spirituallity you wish to explore, or to see about finding books on religion and spirituality in a local library or book store. If you are using the term spirituality in connection to the views that those who may term it as "new age" or "psychic" or paranormal this can again have a large variety of meanings since for some the "new age" would be about spirituality and finding a way to become in tune to a nature based religion, for others it would be about developing psychic skills, and opening up to this. Paranormal is a broadbased term to cover most of this, and deals with things that are out side of "normal" explainations. For some their Spiritual values embrace the paranormal or psychic for others their spirtuality would consider embracing the paranormal or psychic as being against their personal spiritual values. So it does really depend on what iti s you are looking to practice or what capabilities you are refering to when you say you wish to expand capabilities. That you began this with the term Magic, tends to lead me to think you are referring to what some call psychic, others psi, [short for psionic] and again it would depend on what it is you mean by magic? Do you refer to perhaps the wiccan or wittan practices? Are you looking to develop spellcraft abilities like can be found in some spiritual teachings? Do you seek to develop spellcraft skills that is popular with fictional stories at this time? Are you looking to develop your own intuition, or esp abilities? If so on what level, what areas? What I would suggest is that you do some search online, there are many sources for finding basic information that can be more clear as to what you seek. Also again I would recommend the library as a source since it can get very expensive to begin investing in books that may not suit your interests. Also you will find that there are many sites online that are about groups that are open to new people looking to learn. Some examples I could provide for books based on my own personal views so others may recommend someone different hoever I would say if you wish to develop something like automatic writing, then you would want to read the book by Edain McCoy on the subject. If your interests are in areas of developing your understanding of say Fung Shui and how the energies for this may help or influence your life than you may want to consider author Terah Kathryn Collins, on more than one topic involving the psi topics, Denise Linn is a good author. Native American spirituality and gaining insight and working with intuition then authors Mary Summer Rain or Jami Sams would be helpful. If you are interested in the topic of connecting with Angels or Fae... Fairies then you may be intersted in books by Doreen Virtue. Llewellyn Publishing or Hay House Publishing are two sites that can provided you with idea of some book titles, I personally prefer to get some titles check them out in the library since often the book blurb sounds good but reading it I find I have spent money on something that is of little interest to me. If however your interest is astrology then you need to figure out if your interested in Vedic, "Western" or Chinese Astrology, for western astrology your best source to learn would be books by Linda Goodman. I am not as familiar with the other two so I couldn't begin to suggest. Hopefully however this gives you some idea. As for becoming a student, the best way to start is what you have already done, ask the question. Then I suggest go online, you may find that there are sites that can guide you to groups in your area, or find a discussion board that would help guide you towards groups in your area or in you area of interest where you can learn from that.