Who moves faster after a break up_male or female.

August 4, 2011 6:11am CST
In most of the movies,i see,woman moves ahead in life after break up or marriage while the man is still waiting for her return. In real situations, i have also seen the same. Are the men more mentally dependent on women or it is a myth? Who recovers faster after a break up if both love each other with same intensity? Plzz give your opinions.
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• United States
19 Sep 11
First it would depend on what the break up was about. It probably is even, both male's and female's breakup and move on in their own ways. To the outside world it may look different. Some process it faster than others, I don't feel it is divided by male or female, it is divided by what caused the break up or who.
@Maychii (21)
• Philippines
13 Aug 11
eh? hmm.. it depends upon the situation.. we can't actually really tell that a man can move on faster than woman or the woman than man for that matter.. it takes time to heal a broken heart.
@dpk262006 (58673)
• Delhi, India
4 Aug 11
I think percentage of men would be higher than women in this case. Women are considered more sensitive than men and they do not forget any break up easily.
@nurseclare (2209)
• Philippines
6 Aug 11
I think it depends upon the person in love. I think both sexes will have the hard time to move on. :) Happy mylotting nneha :)
@surfer222 (1714)
• Indonesia
6 Aug 11
i think it doesn't matter who move faster after a break up as long as they're not building the new relationship as act of vengeance to their old partner.
• China
4 Aug 11
er..women recover faster ,i think...men can love someone longer....