Pure Cranberry Juice is my new best friend!

United States
August 5, 2011 8:21am CST
I recently was told to drink pure cranberry juice once a day by a friend because it helps with bad breath, prevent UTI's and cancer! Yay! I know this is quite tart tasting, but I believe that once a day will do me justice and it's almost like a wake up drink to replace my morning fix of coffee :D
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@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
5 Aug 11
I like to buy Ocean Spray Cranberry and Raspberry Juice. It is mixed with water and sugar though. I wish I could find a pure cranberry juice and I bet it would taste delicious. I don't drink either tea or coffee. Well done for drinking cranberry juice rather than coffee at breakfast time. I think that health benefits sound fantastic.
• United States
5 Aug 11
Ahh, I bought from the brand called "Just Juice", it's a little more expensive but I'm happy knowing the benefits :)
@jureathome (5361)
• Philippines
17 Apr 12
I got to consider adding this to my daily diet. I've been having UTI since i was in my teens, and now I'm 30, and still occassionally being diagnosed with UTI. Now, I'm concerned that my little girls will also acquire the same infection, since I had UTI on and off during pregnancy.
@nezavisima (7408)
• Bulgaria
5 Aug 11
first hear about this thing. But you can try cleaning infections pokichnite roads. However, this is a very useful information. Have a nice day!
@Harmonics (251)
• Philippines
6 Aug 11
Yes, that is true. Various studies show that cranberry juice has some "anti-adhesive" properties against the bacteria causing urinary tract infections. These organism tend to 'stick' to the kidneys contributing to UTI. But regular drinking or making cranberry juice a part of the diet would help wash these harmful stuff.