Gang Garrison: A Demake

@Dymo75 (340)
New Zealand
August 5, 2011 10:46pm CST
For people out there who can't afford to play Team Fortress 2, (Don't laugh. I know TF2 is free, but some people can't afford the computer power that is necessary to run it) or people who just want something different, go to for a 2D demake of TF2. I recently tried playing this online, but found that there was absolutely no one there. It looks like a freakin' decent game, and I wished I could play with someone. Of course, it's a little old, it's 2D, and I found absolutely no one. So please, would someone come over and play for a bit? I want to revive this game, and get the makers to take a good look at the game again. Thank you! P.S. I'll be called HesterMan online.
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@KingCold (29)
• United States
16 Sep 12
I love this game. Just played three matches of it. The controls stick a little bit and there are only 6 servers that I saw but, all in all, a very well done... tribute game I would call it. They accurately remade all the classes and some of the maps(they may have done them all). Big fun.