Office Affairs

August 8, 2011 3:28am CST
My current boyfriend is someone working under my supervision. I tried my best not to fall for him but I still did. My first worry was the conflict that it may give at work since I am his direct superior. I would also like to avoid gossips of him getting favors on his job because of me. I really want to make our relationship work while avoiding the office and work drama. Any suggestions that may help?
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@SIMPLYD (90852)
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
In my opinion, it would be best that you let him be transferred to another department not directly under your supervision. Having him under your supervision would perhaps make him feel inferior to others. Besides, even if he deserves a promotion, people will always question it that you are being biased. Better still, you let him find another better job, to avoid future problems at work with other co-employees.
@neildc (17246)
• Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines
11 Aug 11
i agree with you simplyd. even in the government, this is not allowed by law. to have a relative within the same office or agency. it would be best for both of them to have separate working place.
@skysuccess (8865)
• Singapore
8 Aug 11
JOIEMARVIC, I believe that the relationship between the both of you is actually private and should not be actually brought into the work place to affect both of you at work. For a start, the both of you will need to sit down together to talk and one of the topics will be your partner's comfort level working under you. As a man, I can understand that our ego can sometimes really get in the way and if your section has a demanding work rate then it is important for the both of you to come to terms. He needs to understand when you are firm, there's nothing personal and that once the both of you are out of the office, there will be no mention of work. You may need to be direct and forward with your partner and likewise from your partner with you. If there's any slight hint of discomfort from either party then you will need to resolve it where it might mean that the both of you working in different sections to avoid any personal conflict. So, do take the time to iron out any differences and issues. All the best.
• Philippines
8 Aug 11
Well, conflicts of interest will arise whether you like it or not. Some co-workers will see it as you will favor him because of the relationship you have. Maybe it would be best if he will ask to be transferred to another department to avoid gossips or take more extreme measures like considering resigning the current job and move to another company. But then it will be up to both of you to sort things out.