A scam advertising site.My own experience.

August 12, 2011 10:59am CST
Hi Everybody here.I have decided to come back after a very long gap.My love for myloters over came my inertia.And I am here. I don't remember whether I expressed 'making money online' as one of my favorite fields of discussion.But that is true-I love to explore the possibility of making money through internet.And for so many months I have been doing that.(My lack of technical expertise has always been standing in my way) In this journey I have encountered a lot of very good and very bad sites.I feel cautioning my mylot friends about one of the worst sites over here on web is the first and foremost duty of mine. There is no gainsaying the fact that advertising is a indispensable service in online enterprise.I have joined many ad sites.Most of them I have joined free first and upgraded after a test drive. But I was allured by ad which spoke about blast4traffic in such a way that I felt something different.And that was the only site where I started with paid membership, breaking all my previous records.And alas! for nearly a month I got no traffic to my affiliate links-not a single hit! I addition, I incurred a great loss when I used the mailing list provided by blast4traffic to promote a great business social networking site.All the mails( sent to that mailing list) bounced and I was debarred from the service by the social networking site. I searched for the term "blast4traffic scam' and i hit on a forum news where the guy explained how it has been cheating on the members.Some other returns also were there. Immediately I applied for refund(through online Chat)to clickbank and I got the money back within 3 days.(it was a membership site promoted through clickbank). So, my appeal to all of you is not to join balkst4traffic.
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@greenline (14838)
• Canada
20 Aug 11
Thank you for sharing your experience. Yes, there are many different programs on the internet promoting businesses. Some are legit, and some are just scams. I have had some bad experiences with scams too. One has to be very careful and make sute that it is legit before joining and making investments.
@waflay (2737)
• Nairobi, Kenya
17 Aug 11
That was much more that whistle blowing. Your message is so informative and your experience with this site have it all. We all learn from experience but sometimes from the downfall of others... Well, Its good that you did not lose everything since you were refunded but its so sad that you wasted your time, and the lose you incurred while using the site is so heart-breaking. I'm gonna keep safe from them... thanks for sharing!
• Philippines
16 Aug 11
Thanks for giving us the info. I had also been scammed, and the amount was not just pennies. Somebody contracted me to do some research work, but after I have submitted the finished work, the guy did not pay me. It was a learning experience. We should not be too trusting when we work online.