Are you have jealousy to your sister/brother?

@zhawee (873)
August 16, 2011 8:01am CST
Do you feel sometime your mother or father had favoritism to their kids? you feeling you are not favorite of your parents, feel sometime you luck of attention. your sister and brother are rich in attention of your parents.You feel you jealousy to you sister or brother.
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@emily75 (89)
• China
16 Aug 11
no. sometimes i feel my mother loves me less than my siblings , but i never jealousy. because i love them too. so i never jealousy, i love my family ,i hope they can get more than me.:)
• China
17 Aug 11
Yes , i think they love me enough , so i never jealous:) Have a nice day:)
@JL_Beldua (102)
2 Nov 11
Yes! i admit i'm always jealous of my brother and sister, because i feel i'm not part of a family, because when our family occasions i hardly involved, and then sometimes, if my parents buy ugly when they deliver me, then without i bought when my parents, because there i am always jealous of my brother and sister's, now we have two complete a study, but until now i still not feeling part of a family, because as i work always ask them brothers but they do not even ask you that i feel so until, so jealous! with my sister and my brother. Do you feel jealous to your sister and brother?
16 Aug 11
..not all the time..there are certain times that i felt jealous about the attention that my parents give to them..since i'm the youngest i turned out that i;m the one who understand my parents why they give that kind of attention to my older brothers..u know, brothers are some kinda hardheaded when it comes to rules inside the house:)))
@bubuth (1815)
• Philippines
28 Oct 11
hmm..sometimes i feel jealous but im trying to understand that they need much of my parents attention because they are much younger than me..