Setps to be taken to reduce pollution from transport

@debs90 (547)
August 16, 2011 1:04pm CST
One of my friend started a discussion regarding battery driven cars which is a great way to reduce pollution. But several other steps should be taken for reducing transport pollution and increasing energy efficiency. 1) public transport should be encouraged instead of individual cars. 2) roads should be smooth so that the cars become more efficient. 3) When travelling for long distance the windows of the cars should be closed whenever possible. 4) cars should be lighter. More efficiency means we require less fuel. Less fuel means less combustion. Less combustion means less emission. Less emission means less pollution. Less pollution means a BETTER WORLD.
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@petersum (4525)
• United States
16 Aug 11
Lighter cars are not quite what you might imagine! Look at any unloaded Suzuki pick-up trying to climb a modest hill and you will see the problem. The same vehicle on a wet road is an accident waiting to happen! Closed windows in India! Hmmm.
@debs90 (547)
• India
16 Aug 11
There are some buses which are air-conditioned and used for long distance travel. For those cars it is applicable.