Do you know how to interpret a DREAM?

@carrine (2743)
August 21, 2011 5:02pm CST
they said that every dream we dreamed as an interpretation. do you think so? well i myself may say yes. because there are dreams that is really true and do happen. and there are some dreams of mine that are very weird and i cannot figure it out why i dreamed such thing or event. do you how to interpret a dream? do you give some meaning out of it? because i do. hahaha
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@huilichan8 (1378)
• Singapore
21 Aug 11
I don't think all our dreams have interpretations. Dome dreams occur because of what happen in our lives. But of course there are other dreams that will give glimpses into our future and you could get interpretations from some websites. On of these websites is (It's either or Some of the members there are really good in giving interpretations. How I interpret my dreams would depend on various factors as well as dream symbols.
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@carrine (2743)
• Philippines
21 Aug 11
hmmm... well maybe you're correct. because i dreamed a lot and it really happens in the next day or in the next weeks. its sounds weird but it does. heheheh
@kun2349 (23381)
• Singapore
26 Aug 11
I do experience weird dreams and i'll be sure to interpret them because i'm one whom seldom dreams.. haha =D IN the past 2 months or so, i've been dreaming of water, sea, rain or water related things, but i'm not inside those dreams excetp for one.. haha ^^ When i search for their interpretations, most are similiar but there are a few different ones too. As such, i choose to ignore it and those dreams never appear again.. haha
• United States
21 Aug 11
I wouldn't call myself an expert on dream interpretation, I read quite a few books on the subject but after reading though them I came to the belief that dreams have no symbolic, subconscious, or prophetic meaning. You see, the way dreams are "interpreted" is eerily similar to horoscopes. They rely on generalization, things almost anybody could relate to, and "universal symbols" like darkness being the unknown or fear. I think horoscopes are hogwash, and I came to the same conclusion about dream interpretation.
@bounce58 (17387)
• Canada
23 Aug 11
Only 2 responses here so far?! I would have thought that there would be a lot of 'experts' here. Anyway, I'm sure you know by now that dreams are just manifestations of our wants and needs. If you want something so bad, and you think about it often, it will surely pop up in your dreams.