Discussion of death, especially in the family, to your small kids

August 25, 2011 5:46am CST
Death is a reality in life. From the day we are born, we already know that we are going to die someday. In a way we have accepted this painful reality as we witness and experienced pain the loss of loved one or a family. But how do you discuss this realities with your kids? My kids last weekend ambush me with questions like when you grow old mama will you also die? Is grandma going to die also? where do we go if we die? my lotters, do you think its ok to discuss this topic with your kids?
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• United States
25 Aug 11
My son did basically the same thing. One day out of the blue he asked me why people die? I was kinda stunned, I wasn't expecting the question. I worked through an answer, and he seemed okay with it. He even asked a few follow up questions about older family members. I don't think he will worry over it to much. I think all kids have these types of questions and if your kids are asking the question then you have to discuss it with them. I wouldn't go into great detail but if you don't answer the questions they will get their information somewhere else and it might not be the information you want them to have.