Cricket should be Olympic game.

August 28, 2011 6:03am CST
In Olympic there are most of games are contested but till now cricket is far from it. What do you think ? Is cricket deserves to be a Olympic game?
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@anil2154 (145)
• India
31 Aug 11
Yes definitely cricket should be an olympic game. Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. So it has every right to be part of the olympic games.
• India
29 Aug 11
Cricket deserves to be in the Olympic as it is the 2nd most popular sports in the world. The format of 20/20 suits well for any short competition. Why not introduce in Olympics if it can be there in Asian Games? By far or less the format is the same. The only reason why Cricket wudn't be in Olympics is because of the BCCI. They don't want to come under any organisation. As we all know ICC is controlled by the BCCI they wouldn't like BIG countries to give orders to them.
@rajeev075 (1961)
• India
28 Aug 11
As far i think it is better that cricket is away from the olympic else olypic would have been ruins. Have you ever take that much interest on football in the olypic than in other tournament? ask this to any soccer fan. they say no! might be i wrong But fell it Olympic are better for the swimming, cycling, boxing, basketball, hockey etc. but it not for that long games like of the Cricket. It mean athletics not games. Even you think off T20 in the it harsh to have seven or eight hour of play. Or thin like this atmost 8 best country play and fight and is not famous in every where like in china so what will you do? did the game make any sense there? No so better keep this away from it.
• Chennai, India
29 Aug 11
cricket should never become olympic game because our people will introduce match fixing in other games too.And more over all the other game looses the heat and olympic itself will become like normal tournament