August 28, 2011 7:14pm CST
Hello myloters, Just want to ask do you like this movie? Because I am loving it... :) If you like it what part you like most? I think all three parts of this movie were awesome! :) What do you think? Thanks for answers :) Regards, Roman
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@lady1993 (27239)
• Philippines
29 Aug 11
I only saw the first movie and I loved it. the effects were great and it was really exciting.. I tried watching the second one but I had to stop since it bored me a bit. i didn't even bother watching the third one since Megan Fox isn't there anymore, they could have replaced her with a real actress.
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
29 Aug 11
Hi Roman! I also love the Transformers movies. I love the action and the awesome special effects! I love what they did with the robots. Optimus Prime was the best. The Decepticons were more scary than in the cartoons. However, I did not like the last part of the last Transformers movie. I didn't like the drama. It wasn't effective and it wasn't dramatic for me. It was exaggerating. And I thought there were scenes that the movie could have done without like the scene where the girl was focused in the middle of the battle. I thought there wasn't any significance to it. And the movie was too long that in the end, I felt it was being hurried up already. But generally, it was good.
• Saudi Arabia
29 Aug 11
I was forced to watch the first part !! didnt watch the 2nd nor the 3rd yet but so far i wish i have a car like that !! i don't care as much if it becomes a gigantic robot as long as it is a camerro :P
• Israel
29 Aug 11
Yes, the three parts of the movies Transformers were great and impressive And worth seeing and I am now waiting the new offer two months ago He did not particularly interesting that three-dimensional Movie