Eating outside vs eating at home.

@alokijon (665)
August 29, 2011 11:32pm CST
Due to the hectic life style, most of the people living in the modern world prefer to have their meal outside. We are having less time to cook at home. It is very convenience to just enter a food hawkers centre or a restaurant nearby. I feel that the food are equally healthy. But why there are some people keep on saying that eating outside is one of the causes to obesity? What is your opinion about this?
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@Judy890 (1644)
• United States
30 Aug 11
Hello alokihon, When people hear you're eating out they automatically think you're going to a fast food place like Mcdonalds, Pizza store, Burger-king and etc... When I go out to eat I go to restaurants that serve soups or rice and fish I don't know why certain people assume you're going to eat "unhealthy foods" eating out doesn't cause obesity it depends on what kind of place they're going to eat at, There are are lot of fast food places nowadays so people are always going to blame obesity on going out to eat. They have to many fast food places they should replace half of them so that people will stop blaming it on the cause of obesity.
@godarna (223)
30 Aug 11
Yes, you are right, replace part of those fast foods with decent restos. People have more choice and are less willing to choose a burger. As you know: eat a burger every day and you'll look like burger in a very short time.
@Dominique25 (9471)
• United States
1 Sep 11
I agree it is so much easier to eat out than take time and cook at home. Most families are so busy. It is a goal that our family is working on to eat more at home. I think that it is healthier to eat at home. I feel fast foods aren't healthy. They are fried in a lot of grease and a lot of the animals that are used are pumped full of hormones. When we cook at home we can always strive to eat more fruits and vegetables with our meals. As well as pick out organic and natural foods to use. It is more expensive doing things this way but it's healthier. I really have got to work on eating more at home. Because like you mentioned it is so much easier to just grab a burger and fries on the way to work.
• Kuwait
31 Aug 11
i think eating at home is the best.
@jaffna (778)
• India
30 Aug 11
Hi, I would always prefer to eat at home rather than eating outside. Eating outside is never a healthy habit. Just imagine, while buying vegetable and fruits and other cooking items, we think and test a lot to get perfect and fresh ones. So, the cooking food items prepared will be healthy as well. But on the contrary, it's not possible to guess whether the stuffs they put in to prepare food are that good and fresh. If they are so, then it's world wonder. When we cook for three or four people in home, the taste will be good too but in restaurants, food is cooked for nearly more than 100 people. So, there is no guarantee of best and good-tasting food items. So, it is always better to eat home food rather than eating outside. Happy mylotting!
• China
30 Aug 11
In my view,if your cooking skills are goodeven better than hotel,we had better to eat at home.On the other hand,if your cooking skills are bad,you can eat outside.
• Philippines
30 Aug 11
For me, I prefer in eating in the house because I know how did I cook my food and I am very sure that my food is clean. Well, eating outside is also good when your schedule won't allow you to cook in the house. I think the one who can cause obesity is you yourself only because it depends on what you eat and what you do.
@godarna (223)
30 Aug 11
May be those people only think of fast food when eating outside, as there are many good restaurants, why should obesity become a problem. It's the choice of your daily food, which is important. Make sure you eat well balanced meals, is all. It's sad though, that many people eat outside these days, due to their hectic lifestyle. Preparing your own meals at home can be very relaxing and gives much satisfaction. I still prefer it.
@nezavisima (7410)
• Bulgaria
30 Aug 11
Well, obesity is because many people have sedentary life will go. Many people eat less fatty foods and ordinal health and that's not helpful. there are so small children are quite large and that's why it all and eat it in large quantities. movement has many sports and quality food. nice day!