Life is toooooooo short then we believe

September 3, 2011 11:53pm CST
Our average age is approx 65 to 70 years and almost people are died on somthing on similier age stage, but think about it we really living 65 to 70 years? how many days you rembers in our life? about 30 to 45 or 60 days we can rember in life which we enjoy, great sorrow time, first romantic day, collage first day somthing like day we rembers till end of life and i excuse just days count of fingure we can rember. That mean we just leave only 2 or 3 months in life, its my person opinion might your opinon can be diffrent then me, I WOULD LIKE TO LISTEN YOURS!
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@GemmaR (8517)
4 Sep 11
I remember a lot of days in my life because I have done a lot of things and therefore have many things to remember which is wonderful. I agree that life is far too short and you should plan for your future with this in mind. You should also remember that as you age you might not be able to do all of the things that you were able to in the past, so if anything, you should try to do everything that you aim to do in the first fifty years of your life while you still have enough energy and are able bodied enough to be able to do so.
• India
15 Oct 11
I like to give little good comment on your opinion " you said " PLAN" right, might Doctor say me You have only 30 to 60 days left due to x.y. disease, so 30-60 days is enought or equal to 100 years to live good life.
@godarna (223)
6 Sep 11
It seems ravalarun that you only like to listen to our opinions! You posted a very good thread, keep it lively and respond to our posts please!
• United States
5 Sep 11
Well I guess that depends upon how good your memory is not to mention the things that you choose to remember and the things that you choose to forget. I have been blessed with a good memory, so I remember much more of my life than that, and I am not that old. However, having a good memory is not as much of a blessing if we choose to hold onto all the bad, because that can tend to block out more of the good times. I think that if people do not have good memories, then there are things that they can do to help themselves remember all the good and precious times in their lives. They can take pictures, make videos, write in a journal, keep mementos, etc. All these things are tangible ways to keep their lives and memories vivid in their minds.
@pbbbsra (1214)
• Philippines
4 Sep 11
I also believe that life is short. It feels like yesterday when we were kids and playing with toys. I also think that most of our memories are those that means something to us. But there are memories that we remember when our parents or a childhood friend reminds us or tell us about it. The memories are all there, but sometimes we need something or someone to remember them. It is sad that because of our life style now, the life span of people are getting less. Life is gone before we know it so I make sure I spend it like my last. I also keep a journal ever since I am small... it makes and helps me go back and remember my childhood.
@tiina05 (2318)
• Philippines
4 Sep 11
hello, Yes, Life is too short and we must enjoy and learn from different mistakes that we encountered. For me almost half of a day we sleep so meaning we just spend time only half of it. So, if we live 60 years of age we can consider half of it as a sleeping time. Hmmm, So, we never noticed that and we still consider it is whole because of everything that happened on that day. We remember and forget things that happened because for us we remember because it has a good vibes but we forget because it is sorrowful.
@nezavisima (7410)
• Bulgaria
4 Sep 11
Life is short. we must live it fully. povechehora still young go out of this world. I know that if I stayed a few months to live will be done within so that people around me are happy and looking to have fun to catch a handful of life. I wish all years are alive and healthy and enjoy life. nice day!