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September 4, 2011 4:23am CST
I am a blogger and blogging on different platforms and make 200$ to 300$ a month not more than. But i think that's a best way to make online money Is there any other way to make easy money online? Share your experiences
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@adhyz82 (36249)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 12
yes of course many blogger said that they can get many money from their blogs..
• Philippines
12 Apr 12
I have heard a lot about earning some money with blogging. I had a few blogs made in but I don't know how to make blogs that can earn money. Can someone tell me the procedures on how to earn in blogging, and what are the best blogging sites to use? Thanks!
@ljames85 (294)
• Canada
7 Sep 11
I just got my blog up and running, and heard that I should try and make some money off of it since I do spend a lot of time and dedication on it. So here is to a new route in life, lets see where it takes me!
@adhyz82 (36249)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 12
and now, are you satisfied with your effort when you do blogging?
@eagletrek2 (5499)
• Kingston, New York
31 Mar 13
Hi what site do you use to blog? and is that in us money? how do you make that much? I like to see your blogging link I think the best way to learn is to look what people are doing if they are good.have a good day.
@tech40 (23136)
• Philippines
31 Mar 13
Woah that was a huge amount! i also have blog but I didn't earn as much as you have darn .
@MrGhost (550)
8 Apr 13
You are then lucky enough. The amount is beyond the imagination of most of the bloggers, I think.
@internaty (257)
• Chile
8 Apr 13
Congrats! and how you promote your blogs? in Pinterest? Reddit? please tell us so we can gain viewers to our sites, I write about recipes, teaching, news articles biographies,
@Shellyann36 (11390)
• United States
6 Feb 12
I have a blog but I do not make money at it. I am afraid I forget to post on it most of the time. I will get good about posting and then I will forget it and not visit it for weeks. I am glad that you can make money from them.
@Cutie18f (9551)
• Philippines
4 Sep 11
I have many blogs too but I do not make much income there. My blogs are just hosted by blogger and they are not really professional-looking. LOL
@DoctorDidi (7019)
• India
13 Apr 12
Congratulations for such a lucrative income from blogging on different platforms. But frankly speaking, it does not hold good for all bloggers. Most of the bloggers find it extremely tough to earn a pretty good amount from blogging. So you are really lucky enough.
• Spain
27 Mar 13
First of all congratulations! I think you are earning a lot, I have read about people that do earn from blogs but i am currently starting to create mine, can you give some advice? I really dont think there is any way to earn big amounts of money online, i have tried gpt sites and such but it doesnt pay huge amounts.