Black hole

September 6, 2011 9:41am CST
All of us are aware of black holes but scientist even predict the presence of white hole which is just the other side of a black hole is there any justification found yet that proves the existence of it
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@clouds0327 (1389)
• Philippines
14 May 12
No there are just theories. There is no way of finding out but to actually get inside the black hole to find out. But once you get inside the black hole you can never come out. And you could also be torn into pieces because of the tidal forces inside and the extreme gravitational pull while you come near the singularity.
@Labrat (210)
13 Jun 12
not just peices but even your atoms are ripped apart haha
• India
11 Apr 12
Hello,there is no justification that white hole even exist..White hole is same as worm hole..worm hole is a place which is shortcut to space-time...You can travel to different time..this is what scientists all around the world are looking for..if they find,no way they can travel there..It is because it will be far away from solar system..And even if they find its presence,We cannot travel in it..because they are very small.scientists should find a way to make it large inorder to travel inside is also very unstable.. Happy Mylotting!!
@Labrat (210)
13 Jun 12
the amount of energy to enlarge a worm hole would be ridiculously massive, would be cool though, would end traffic and related pollution
• Philippines
14 Sep 11
black hole. it is existing. i doubt of the white one... in the color spectrum, black is the absence of all colors. while white is the presence of all colors. i dont know really