buying a good guitar

September 8, 2011 9:17am CST
Does anybody have any recommendations for buying a guitar for beginners? I'm trying to learn what I can, but in the mean time eventually I will need to one and I want to make sure that I get more bang for my buck.
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@Ganesh44 (5547)
• India
8 Sep 11
In my view you should buy Gibsons guitar for begginers or learner ............ Hare Krishna Ganesh
9 Sep 11
Hey thanks, I've heard about Gibsons and I might give it a try.
@gocsa666 (128)
• Hungary
26 Sep 11
I love Gibsons. The look and the sound as well. They are probably one of the greatest, and a lot of famous players use them, in pretty much every genre, be it rock, punk, metal, anything, you can find band members that use Gibsons. The hollow-bodied ones are great for beginners. Moneywise, Gibsons are pretty expensive, so if you're short on cash, I'd recommend Epiphone, cause they are a licensed subsidiary of Gibson. So I think for every Gibson model you can find it in Epiphone too, but the thing is Epiphones are much-much cheaper, but they still sound pretty good. Of course not as good as a Gibson, but they're still very good guitars. I'm actually hoping to buy an Epiphone DOT, which is also known as Epiphone ES-335. It's the same as the Gibson ES-335 (Dave Grohl, the frontman of Foo Fighters uses one too!), but a cheaper version as I've said.
@gocsa666 (128)
• Hungary
26 Sep 11
Oh, yeah, and somebody below this post mentioned buying an acoustic guitar first. I'd too recommend that. You can find one for like almost no money at all. Just find an adequate, cheap one. Practice on that for like months at least and then you can buy something like an Epiphone. The hollow-body guitars are good cause they help you with the transition from acoustic to electric. So in the end, you'll be good on both. Believe me, when you start on acoustic and get results on that, switching to an electric and learning that will be easy as hell. You'll learn to play an electric in no time, after you've mastered an acoustic one.
@musicman6 (2406)
• United States
11 Sep 11
The thing about buying a Gibson, is that they cost a lot of money, but they are excellent as far as playing goes ! But what if you change your mind, or lose interest, you will have a lot of money invested for nothing ! I have been playing guitars, all kinds and prices, for over 40 years, and what I recommend is that you buy one that is economical in price, but of good quality enough for you to learn, then, when you have accomplished your learning stage, you have the option of upgrading to an expensive guitar! The guitars that are a good low price, but play very well are: Ibanez, Hohner, Squier,Epiphone, these guitars are good enough to play on stage, but are not that expensive! Then when you upgrade, you can look at the real good expensive ones, like, Gibson, Fender, Taylor, Martin !
13 Sep 11
Thank you so much for the advice. I've been eyeing a few Squiers and Ibanezes for a while now. I'll keep all this in mind when I decide to buy one.
@ParaTed2k (22943)
• Sheboygan, Wisconsin
29 Sep 11
3 words.. Cheap, Cheap, Cheap! Never pay more than $50 or $60 for a beginner guitar. There's no reason to. The only rule of thumb I give beyond that is, make sure it stays in tune while you're playing it. The only new guitars I tell people "absolutely never" are those "First Act" pieces of crap they sell at Wally World. Here is a link to the beginner guitars I recommend to my new students. They are half size, so they are good for kids, but fine for adults too. They hold a tune great, and sound pretty good for their price. They will last about two years, then fall a part in your hands, but that is long enough to know if you're going to stick with it... and to save for something a lot better.
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
actually you don't really need to buy an expensive one, there are always cheap ones that are very good- as long as it sounds good. I am recommending you to buy the cheap ones first because there are times when we tend to be negligent to the instrument, thus in the event you break it, it's not that painful to you. Buy and practice first with an acoustic guitar before resorting to an electric one. Good Luck.. Happy myLotting!
@hagmic22 (49)
• Israel
29 Jun 12
You didn't mention the most important details: your budget, and which kind of guitar would you like to learn with. I always recommand to start playing with a classical (nylon strings) guitar. Thay are usually cheaper, easyer to play and less hurting your fingers. I dont think you should start learning with an electric guitar, since it is harder to produce nice sounds with it. Your un-skilled fingers will probably make annoying noises, and it might depress you and make you hate playing. I also think it is important to start learning with notes and not e-chords. If you take my edvice, there is not much to say. Every guitar you chose will fit you. I recommand you to buy a spanish guitar such as raimundo or cordoba, but that is your choice. I hope you'll enjoy playing!!!