Went for my dinner out

@aweins (4199)
September 9, 2011 12:35pm CST
Today i went to my friend's place. she invited us and many others too. i felt one thing bad that she made me sit with one of her maid servant. it was so bad. my hubby did not notice it but i noticed it and when we came home i told him . After that he felt very bad and said that he will never go again .she is a friend and will always remain a friend . but their are other people around who are more a boss their and behave in a very odd manner, which is not digestible to me at least. How would you have reacted in such a situation ? will you go again ? will you continue to talk ?
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@petersum (4524)
• United States
9 Sep 11
Servants went out of fashion at the time of World War 2. Indians with servants are just showing how backward and out-dated they are.
@jazzsue58 (2668)
9 Sep 11
We don't even refer to cleaners as domestic servants any more. Now, they're "domestic hygiene operatives." Though civil servants always will be total plonkers.
9 Sep 11
It still freaks me out that people have servants. In my opinion, I'd rather sit with the staff. They're usually much nicer and truer friends than the people employing them.
@jazzsue58 (2668)
9 Sep 11
Years ago I worked as a personal trainer for the wife of a big cheese at Coutt's Bank. He was a multi-millionnaire, from a very wealthy family. she was a nurse who got lucky when she was assigned to him in a New York hospital. She was a total neurotic b!tch. He was a sweetheart who used to have long meaningful chats with me and the gardener over life, the universe and everything. He spent £9000 a week on business flights by Concorde, because he hated flying and wanted to get there as quickly as possible! He didn't flaunt his money. To him, it was natural to pay off your "spare" credit card with a £14,000 cheque each month. Though he despaired of a wife who didn't work - but could buy 6 pairs of £300 shoes in one afternoon, then never wear them. She treated the gardener like a servant. He widdled on her cut flower beds by return.
• Philippines
10 Sep 11
Well, you could have stuck with her but you have to do what you have to do, right? I experienced something kind of the same. I was hanging out with a friend when I saw my immediate boss. She told me to sit with her for a while and chat. There was only one seat available so I had to bail out on my friend. He was kind of pissed but it turned out okay in the end.