Federer loses to Djokovic, sad.

@hanuma34 (819)
September 11, 2011 9:18pm CST
I am a keen admirer of Roger Federer for his game, cool temperament, and the graceful movement on the court. I wanted Federer to make it to the finals for a battle royale against Nadal who dethroned him from the pinnacle of tennis hierarchy. That was not to be. That does not mean I do not appreciate Djokovic. He is young, agile, has almost identical game to that of Federer, but somehow he lacks the grace. Federer lost this time at the finishing line that too after having two match points! I was very disappointed. I have a feeling that Federer lost his concentration on his second match point after Djokovic made a strange gesture to the spectator to praise him for the blistering forehand shot with which he saved the first match point. True, the crowd was egging on Federer, but that does not entitle the player on court to behave like that. It is something like what we see in WWF fictitious fights the wrestlers show off after putting down the opponent on the floor, though momentarily. Tennis matches at the grand slam level are not commercials. There ought to be some decorum. Hope such exhibitionist tactics will not become a routine affair.
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• Brazil
12 Sep 11
I saw this game and I became very disappointed with Federer too. He is a great tennis player, on the same level, or better than, Pete Sampras, Andre Agassi and a few other who had a wonderful technique and ability. He has just one problem and it made him lost the game: sometimes he lost his concentration for nothing! Like in the end of the second set, when he play very well to get the advantage of broke Djokovic's serve and then lost the next game! I think that Djokovic used a very bad move when he call the public to pay attention on him, because he made it just to Federer lose his control. Nevertheless, it was a very intelligent move too, because worked very well. I hope that it don't become normal in the future, but we have to admire his knowledge in not play only with the tennis technique, but also with his opponent psychological. No wonder he is the current number one. I believe that Djokovic and Nadal will do a great game, however Federer is a better tennis player than both. Federer has the most accurate technique nowadays, but lost for other players because of psychological factors.
@bhyjay (75)
• Philippines
15 Sep 11
Me and my wife watch that game, yeah it' s sad that Federer lost to Djoko. But we must also understand, what Roger lost is just his concentration. He has decreased his motivation, HE is already the BEST PLAYER OF ALL TIME!!!!!!!! There is nothing more to prove, only Nadal and Djoko are the ones who needs to prove something. Roger must just be playing for the sake of the game. But not exerting much physical stress that might put him into injury and/or retirement. Look at Nadal and Djoko, injury is starting to knock on their bodies. They might even retire much more earlier than Roger. It' s not that Roger lost his zeal to win but he might just have been to cautious in playing... Too careful. The final verdict is Roger is The BEST!!!
@bounce58 (17387)
• Canada
12 Sep 11
As I make this response, Djokovic and Nadal are already slugging out in the finals. Novak won the first set, but Rafa is leading in the second set 2-0. It's a shame that Federer lost in what I consider a thrilling comeback for Novak. I think tennis is a mental game, and Djokovik showed he has mental toughness by overcoming matchpoints and win the game.
@lingli_78 (12822)
• Australia
12 Sep 11
it is really disappointing to hear this... especially after he leads 2-0 against djokovic (that's what i heard)... but again, there is always have to be a winner and a loser in a game and only the best one can win... this just shows that djokovic is a better player at the moment... take care and have a nice day...
@secretbear (19448)
• Philippines
12 Sep 11
Hi! It's too sad that Federer lost his game. It would be exciting to watch another Nadal-Federer championship. I am a fan of Rafa and I see Federer as Rafa's greatest rival. I did not watch that match but I think players have their own habits and as long as they are not prohibited by the game administrators, then they are free to do those habits. Just like how Rafa is free to grunt every time he hits the ball. It wouldn't be the fault of the player if his opponent got distracted with the habit. It's the player responsibility to concentrate on his match. And besides, every player has their own habit, I'm sure Federer has his own, too.
@ram_cv (16513)
• India
12 Sep 11
Sadly the time has come for Federer to step down and youngsters take charge. It is always sorrowful when such a great champion nears the end of his career, but Federer seems to be in that zone right now. He was leading 2 sets to 0 on Djokovic before the Djoker made the move. Once he got on the role, Federer really did not have any answer. Despite having chances of winning the fifth set, once sensed that Djokovic had something going and Federer was just tiring out. Anyhow like a great champion, Federer fought till the last and that is something to be admired. Cheers! Ram