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September 16, 2011 10:59pm CST
I went through various FAQs and other discussions in myLot, couldn't find what i was looking for exactly. I want to know, 1. if i have a blog with lots of posts and if i add it to mylot, will i earn from the posts ? 2. Will i earn for my new posts or only from the comments people make? 3. Blog is actually a technical log, where i share all my research results. How to get things done on a PC, Mac , iPhone etc.. so is it considered personal? or as tips ? 4. Comments posted
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@owlwings (43516)
• Cambridge, England
17 Sep 11
No, you don't earn in MyLot when they accept your blog. People who leave comments on the blog in MyLot will earn for their participation (provided, of course, that they are of sufficient quality) but MyLot syndicate your blog as a free service which may benefit you by giving your blog more exposure. You won't earn anything in MyLot either from the posts you make on the blog or from comments you receive. I think that your blog would be considered as "technical tips" rather than as a "personal" blog.
• India
18 Sep 11
Thanks again owlings Really .. "You type , You earn; I type, I earn" thing was damn cool. Thanks for the replies