How long is too long?

United States
September 18, 2011 5:37pm CST
For those of you who don't live with your boyfriend or girlfriend, how long is too long between phone calls? When do you start to feel neglected?
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@jaiho2009 (39142)
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
You can feel the coldness from the voice when he calls. Rejection is one of the worst part in a relationship and too much pain as well. I feel neglected when there is coldness and find many differences from the way I am being treated.
@chiyosan (30184)
• Philippines
19 Sep 11
You mean how long should we talk to each other or how May times should we contact each other? I think whenever you feel like talkin or contacting them by all means do call them and spend time over the phone.
• Canada
18 Sep 11
A week maybe. But it is not necessary to call each other every day or every other day. It would be nice, but it is totally unnecessary. I would give it 1-1/2 weeks before I start feeling awkward, but it is usually best to keep in touch within a week, so you don't feel as you stated neglected.
@mhyman (8)
• United States
18 Sep 11
well Im married to a man whos in Jamaica right now... and for me. well its been two days now, which is WAY to long, and never been this long before. Im starting to feel very neglected and that i cant trust him. He tells me everything is fine and not to worry. But if your in the same town/city, i would say at least 4 days. That might even be to long, but all depends on how your relationship is etc.