why doe people publish personal info on facebook

September 19, 2011 12:04pm CST
I cannot understand why perople publish personal info on facebook they put all their family business on, they curse friends and family on facebook. Come on now its a social networking site not a soap opera.
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@yskaps (233)
• India
15 Oct 11
Facebook is the one of the most no.1 social networking in all over the world.it's user friendly and very different than other sites.so people catch facebook to express their personal details.
@grkelly (1206)
• Malta
14 Oct 11
I totally agreee with you. Facebook is used quite irresponsibly by many unfortunately. There are people who swear, make personal things public and do not give a damn about privacy. This is one of the major drawbacks of facebook. Even though one can report such people, or any immorality or illicit conduct, there is still a lot of room for these problems to continue.
• Indonesia
8 Oct 11
Yes, facebook should be use to connect people and not to battle them. If they have problems with others in real life then they should deal with the problems for real not in a virtual way.
@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
4 Oct 11
Yes, I don't understand why they put their information in Facebook. I have lots of friends who put their Cellphone numbers and actual address in some social networking sites. What were they thinking? I can't even write my whole name in my facebook account, lol. I don't trust anything in the web, anyone can see your info, with one quick search, they can know anything about you.
• New Zealand
13 Oct 11
I only join FB for a game,i dont go giving out my personal details there are looney's on the internet.
@besssia (94)
• Philippines
4 Oct 11
Those kind of people should really face their problem, not facebook their problems.There are a lot of people who do that, post super personal things that we really don't care about if you really come to think about it. I hate how people do their ranting on facebook. Why not do it with their real life? with that, they'll get results faster.
@bdugas (3578)
• United States
20 Sep 11
yes I believe some go a bit far when it comes to what is going on in somes lives, I don't think it is a place to air your dirty laundry, or to fight and call names. But some people also need to growup and stop the drama. As for me we were relocated 1000 miles from home after hurricane Katrina in 2005, Fb gives us the opportunity to see our friends and family that we left behind, to talk and see pictures such as graduations and birthday parties, a way of communicating better than just talking on the phone. but you know that no site on the net is with out the drama, Fb also put information that I DON'T THINK BELONGS ON THERE AS TO PHONE NUMBERS AND SUCH, that other people can see. As for the drama, I play cards in yahoo, and the drama in the lobbies of the game rooms is horrible, and the name calling, these people don't even know each other, I think a lot of the drama is because people are so far away from each other and people get brave on the net and say things they wouldn't if you was standing in their face.
@lampar (7584)
• United States
19 Sep 11
I think these people are trusting that the Facebook founder and their employees can keep their personal details and family business in total confidentiality, it is not very smart for them to act in this way until the day come when they realize that their personal information are used by unscrupulous persons and the employees of this social networking site for fraudulent or criminal activities, then only they can understand their own foolish act and change their behavior.
• United States
20 Sep 11
On my facebook page i do have my family listed on there but why not? Not sure what is going to happen because i have my page on private and no one other than my freinds can see my page so im not understanding what is the reason of not doing this. I really do trust in facebook that they arent going to change my page without my permission or give someone that isnt on my friends page my email address. I dont have my phone number and my address on my page and its not anyones business either. That information is my personal business but i do have on there where i work and no one is going to call my work for me anyways so im not caring to much about that either. So im not one of those people that have there address on there so peole cansee where i live and most of my friends know where i live anyways and everyone on my page i already know and i dont have anyone on there i dont know or even add people i dont know so im not worried about that either.
@SIMPLYD (90727)
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
You are correct. Some people could really be a braggart at Facebook. They quarrel or express their anger at Facebook. Some would even say foul words to their enemies. I just hope facebook could give some restrictions on these things. It's a shame that people are doing that , for everybody to see.
@Tmulley (91)
• United States
3 Oct 11
Yes its a totally soap opera for some people...well the ones who have nothing better to do then air their dirty laundry but for others its a great connection for long lost relatives, friends and family. You have to be a certain kind of person to put all your personal info on facebook anyways...they dont realize it says alot about their character and what morals they must have.