Do you like Japanese music?

September 19, 2011 2:31pm CST
It is my most heard type of music!! I got hooked to japanese music from animes(guilty of being an otaku lol)!!!!What about you guys? Do you like japanese music?where did you heard it the first time?
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@chiwasaki (4694)
• Philippines
21 Sep 11
I love anime songs. I also have a favorite band based from Japan. Their name is Monkey Majik and they were originally based in Canada but now in Japan. They sung the opening song of Nurarihyon No Mago. The first two opening songs. They also have an English song entitled Miss You which is also great.
• Portugal
21 Sep 11
Watch 2 or 3 of that animes episode!!!Don't remember the music thought
• Philippines
20 Sep 11
I listen to JPop too. I first heard it as anime soundtracks also, back in 1999. I listen to Yui, Ayumi and Ai Ostuka. Then there came JDramas, which introduced me to Johnny Ent's boys Arashi, Kat-tun, and NEWS. I was into JPop, but a decade later, I became more interested in KPop (because they're easier to access). Funny thing though, there is a drive towards JPop among the Korean artists. So I guess I will be hearing a lot more Japanese music by Korean artists for a while.
• Portugal
20 Sep 11
didn't know about that korean going japanese lol ty for info!
@greenline (14838)
• Canada
19 Sep 11
Yes, I like Japanese music and songs very much. Very beautiful and sounds very enchanting. The first time I heard was when I was visiting Tokyo, while staying at a hotel. From the very first time I heard, I got pretty addicted to Japanese music. So, I bought a number of CDs of music and songs (classical). I listen to the CDs at home these days too.
• Portugal
19 Sep 11
Wish i could visit tokyo some day :S
@thought7 (132)
• United States
25 Sep 11
i love the stuff, don't understand barely a word though. thing is, it fn rocks man. It just sounds good. first heard it for anime
24 Sep 11
Yup. I like Japanese songs so much. :) I've been listening to it since I was a kid. And the same, I heard it in different animes.
• China
31 Jan 12
I like Japanese music very much,too.Now I'm listening to Kiseki No Umi(????). It's one of my favourite Japanese music. :)
@poohgal (6845)
• Singapore
20 Sep 11
Yea.. I love Japanese music!~ Since I'm learning Japanese.. listening to Japanese music also helps me in my learning.. I love anime and manga too! I wouldn't say I like all the songs featured in anime but there are some which are really nice! The first Japanese song I heard is probably the Doraemon song.. LOL "An an an.. totemo daisuki... Daraemon..." I can still remember how the song goes!~
@bachyyy (195)
• Bulgaria
22 Sep 11
Yeah I do like this type of music..I mean it is so relaxing and beautiful.The Japanese culture is so different and so interesting.There music sound like a fairytale.I don`t remember when i heard it for the first time,but i really liked it.
@Dep1593 (73)
• Indonesia
19 Sep 11
I like Japanese music too, like Wind by Toshiro Masuda, Fukai mori by do as infinity... man... I like those songs, and I got it from anime too :)
@Timeout (419)
21 Sep 11
I personally don't like it much. It sounds too "canned" for me, I like real instruments, not syntetisers all the way. I prefer other music styles, like british pop. There are some Japanese songs I like, one of them is Agony, from a group called KOTOTKO, I love that song so much!