Mylot improves my listening!!

September 20, 2011 10:45pm CST
Do you believe it? Let me make an explanation. I always thought that mylot, as a communicating platform by writing, only improve my english writing level,reading level and vocabulary. Now I find it also improving my listening level. I used to read out the interesting discussions and comments loudly. In reading, I synchronously need to understand the meaning, which decreases the response time to words and sentences. For me, reading silently doesn't work like this. Do you think it reasonable? Mylot is really an excellent site.
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@moondancer (7433)
• United States
21 Sep 11
I agree MyLot is a great site. If you need to listen to the posts it might help to download a program used for hearing impaired. This may help with the sounds or the words and such.
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@nezavisima (7408)
• Bulgaria
21 Sep 11
thanks to this site now I can speak almost perfect English. I studied it in school only two years because I am from Bulgaria and it was interesting but as I learned so much here and am very pleased with the outcome. just a nice site where we can do different things but to learn English. very nice discussion. nice day!
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@Triple0 (1904)
• Australia
22 Sep 11
Wow! I have never thought that Mylot can improve your listening skills also. That's a pretty good idea you brought up there! For me, Mylot was able to allow me to improve my typing skills, vocabulary and English and it has done a good job of it. I also gain relevant knowledge from other people on Mylot from their posts and discussions. So Mylot is a fantastic site to learn and earn at the same time. And yes, reading out loud allows you to pick up something and understand each sentence better compared to reading silently to yourself. I reckon reading silently makes you miss words or ideas. Thanks!
@bagarad (14294)
• Paso Robles, California
22 Sep 11
I have nothing but admiration for those of you using and practicing your English here. I don't know if I would be so brave as to try that on a site where everyone wrote in German -- the only language I've had much training in, but haven't used much in years. As I read many posts by those who aren't as far advanced as you yet, I often see things I'd like to tell them about when I see them struggling with a way to say something -- to give them the right word they are struggling to find. I know which word they are reaching for, but I know how hard it is to find that work in a dictionary or thesaurus when you've never used it or heard it used. So many words and expressions aren't taught in classes. I don't say anything because first, it's against the rules, and, second, I don't want anyone to think I'm being critical. It's just hard to watch someone struggle when know you could help them. As a former English teacher, I try my best to model standard English so that those of you learning willl see some ways to say things you may not have learned yet. I hope you will always feel free to ask me questions, even in a PM, if I can help. But always know that I look up to you for your participation here.