Let bygones be bygones

September 21, 2011 5:43am CST
"Let bygones be bygones" or simply as forgive and forget of what the past had caused you.Its not really simple to forget about it but once you accept that everything would not be like the things we always wanted to be,everything will just be easier for us to forgive and forget.Even if its bitter let it teaches you to be strong enough to face what the present is offering us,and if its too sweet to let go of it let it be just a memory of something that once in your life you'll be thankful to the person and to God. It may caused you anger or even hatred for the person that cause you pain but as time goes by that anger will gradually recedes and that time you will be ready to forget and forgive.Just let it be,well just maybe it's always a part of what God wanted to happen and what He wanted us to be.The world is an oyster,so bury the hatchet and be happy.
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@lampar (7584)
• United States
21 Sep 11
Let's move on and stop dwell on the past again, whatever happened in your past can't be recovered back again, it is a bygone, let's forget about it and think of the future, it can only serve as a lesson and distance memory for you, but not somethings that should continue to remain inside your daily life for you to mad about. Your time in this life is too short for you to waste daily on the bygones.
• Philippines
22 Sep 11
Yes i strongly angree.;)Lets live life to the fullest cause we only had one.
@pmxk001 (12)
21 Sep 11
That's very philosophical ,I agree with you.Rather than having trouble and hate-ridden,let tolerance and happy accompanied by a long time.The memory is limited,if the anger and unhappiness occupy the main ground,people live so hard.So forgive someone else'fault,and remember the good of other,then our life will shine.