Beautiful covers that are better than the originals - discuss

@jazzsue58 (2666)
September 21, 2011 6:15pm CST
Heard this on iPlayer tonight. It was on Saturday's R3 Jazz Record Requests: Clare Teal singing Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars. Bee-you-tiful - really captures the feeling of the lyrics. I mean, I love Snow Patrol's original, but this version is so, so beautiful. As usual, the You Tube trolls were out in force, but personally I think this version is just about perfect. I'm trying to track down the sheet music so I can have a go at this the next jazz jam we have at Dorking. Or maybe not. Cos you know what was really funny? My dalmatian pup Frodo - who really does chase cars given half the chance - was listening with half an ear. The moment I started singing along, he began howling! In the right key as well. Animals can be very cruel sometimes.
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